Various color troubles

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Hello ,

I try to explain my problem.

I have a graphic application running fine on HP-UX, and displaying OK on HP
workstation. I try to have it display (correctly ! ) on my notebook.

The notebook : HP VT 6200 , 15" , 1400x1050 resolution, Windows XP Pro.

I installed Cygwin version 1.3.13-2 including XFree 86   4.2.15
For the packages I have set "install" to "all"
(Nevertheless I got to tar x "less" files ...)
twm is the only window manager installed. So I use it.

The application (staticcaly linked with X11R5 lib) requires 2 colormaps...
and use XtConvertAndStore for various colors. So I need PseudoColor mode, I
use :
	startx -- -emulatepseudo

If I only do that it is the 3rd Visual which is in PseudoColor, and I don't
know how to use it ? Is there a bug or a "good" way to use it ?
So I have used
	startx -- -emulatepseudo -depth 8 -fullscreen
(I am not sure that "depth 8 " helps)

I set my fontpath and so on, and rlogin Hp-Ux-Workstation
I start the application.
It is mostly OK but XtConvertAndStore does not always succeed :
OK for from_value.addr =
*	"#94949494949494"
*	"#dededededede"
*	"#adadadadadad"
*	"#424242424242"
*	"#bdbdbdbdbdbd"
*	"#212121212121"
*	"#ffffffff0000"
*	"#c2c2c2c2c2c2"
*	"#4fff4fff4fff"
And fails for
*	"#737373737373"
*	"#636363636363"
*	"#280028002800"
Do you have any idea of what can be the reason ?

The application opens windows, with drawings... Some are iconised (and used
not to be), and when I resize it, it is not drawn (I have to ask for it
through an application fonctionality) ! I guess that twm is (partially)
responsible for that ? Any suggest whould be welcome !

The other problem is for the drawings requiring the second colormap, of
course.. Is there a way to have it ?

By now, I have only tried Cygwin, but I expect to install Mandrake 9 soon.
May be Xf86config will help ?

As you see, I have many questions ! I hope that it can be solved easyly
enough. (And that my english can be understood)



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