True type Font support

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I was able to read a Telugu news paper on Windows NT, using Netscape 
4.7, enabling
*"Use document specified fonts, including Dynamic fonts"
Running Redhat 8.0
Using Mozilla I was trying to read it I 
downloaded their
eenadu.ttf and installed on my machine and I could only read some of 
their pages
not completely. Sometimes a couple of reloads would help.

I copied all C:\winnt\Fonts\*.ttf (all lower case ttf) and eenadu.ttf to 
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF and ttmkfdir > fonts.dir, restarted xfs and X.
I check the fontpath, TTF is in the path.

Why am I failing to view it completely. Is there anything else that 
needs to be done ?
OR do you think there may be some issues with dynamic fonts ?



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