Relatively simple CRM system

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Pretty much just looking for a system/code classes that allow you to categorise companies, possibly in terms of geographical regions and industries, and then within the companies define/associate departments, with contact details therein, and then keep track of forms of contact, possibly sort of automating forms of contact - something along lines of send an e-mail to all contacts of a certain type, within certain companies, etc., and to sort of keep track of who, why, when, and how, etc., or something - this is just a relatively generalised description.

Either way, while looked around at various listings of top ten of this type, etc., most of them seem to either assume you're making use of one of the MVC/CMS systems that are relatively common, or else, the last one played around with is called episi - - but, it requires xcache to work on server, so while it works on my XAMPP instance here on dev machine, and while xcache is installed on live server, I am getting 500 server errors relating to lack of definitions/settings relating to something like xcache.admin.user and xcache.admin.pass in live server's php.ini - and, if I try defining these settings in .htaccess in root of the directory where this app is running, while it will run through it's database structure definition setup wizard script, etc., it then bombs out with the errors when I then try run it live.

So, not actually sure this will even offer what I need/want.

Thoughts/suggestions, or should I just create my own, relatively simple version from scratch?


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