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Smallish, simplish, and specifically, while using mySQL to handle user profiles, store content, for later editing/reference/use thereof, etc., also, specifically, generates 'flat'/static output content to a /sites sub-directory - but, that's a form of configuration option you can change/edit in the dbInc.php file, along with database connection settings, and the administrator password - that really just gets used for creating multiple user profiles to each be able to handle generation/editing of their own content/site - currently total of 384Kb in zip file:

Inside that zip file is a .sql script file to create the two tables am making use of to handle user profiles, store their content in, before site generation, and a web folder/directory with all the /admin scripts, and in the sort of root of the site are the login, and content editing interface pages for users, with their site content currently being generated in the /sites sub-directory there.

This is making use of the tinyMCE rich text editing interface, and also lets users upload images, and in the tinyMCE editor control, it should offer you the uploaded images to insert, along with specifically offering the user's own pages as link options/items, etc., but anyway.

And, I think/find it a form of joke that aside from research into a couple of matters before-hand, etc., the total development time, from scratch for this whole thing has been around 16 hours - yes, haven't tested it too much, but, it seemed to work here on my windows-hosted XAMPP machine, and now just need to sort out folder/directory permissions on remote, linux server for creating directory structure/uploading images, etc.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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