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With regards to that CMS system of mine, I am, if necessary, creating the output/upload directories/folders when they need to be made use of using the following function call in PHP code:
mkdir("./sites/" . $sRelPath, 0776);
mkdir("./sites/" . $sRelPath . "/images", 0776);

I can then do something like copy an uploaded image file to that directory using copy().

However, thereafter, I can't access them via other sort of interface channels, and, if I ask fileZilla to, for example, tell me permissions on the site's sort of virtual root directory/folder inside the /sites folder/directory, it tells me: 754

Which doesn't make sense, unless some or other automated process on the server is resetting permissions after I created the item during/at run-time?

The primary issue there is that of the three numbers - owner-group-public - while 5 = read/execute, it doesn't include write - which means can then not generate content/output in those folders, and, like said, don't seem to generally be able to browse there either using FTP clients, although read is turned on - 4 = read, 1 = execute, and 2 = write/change - so, 7 = all rights, 5 = read/execute, but not change/write.


And, at moment, while trying to figure out what's causing this issue, I am using a sort of utility bit of PHP script to clean up file structure by running a sort of manually defined set of chown() and chmod() functions to firstly take complete control of the then rendered files and directories - just in case, before setting their permissions to 777 - all rights to all, and to then unlink() and rmdir() either/or, but, after setting permissions like that, I can then browse the file structure using ftp client - either command line, or fileZilla, but, before resetting permissions, it seems to not want to cooperate?

Know this isn't 100% relevant to php-windows, but, part of irritation/issue with this is since develop on windows7, where this isn't an issue, it's a bit irritating that code/execution works quite happily on my development machine, but, won't then cooperate when published to server, etc.

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