PHP 5.3/5.4 and windows scripting host, WSF, ActiveScript question

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I have been trying to get PHP to work with Windows Scripting Host and WSF files.

With PHP 5.2.17, I could use PHP5ActiveScript.dll to make the connection and run this script:
<job id="test">

 <script language="PHPScript">
  $WScript->Echo("Hello World!");

I can not, however, get this to work with PHP 5.3 or 5.4.

I have tried on windows 7, Windows XP and a freshly installed Windows XP.
I have tried with the standalone zip file, the installer and WAMP (Some indicated that this had a working installation of PHP with activescript).

I have copied different versions of the PHP5activeScript.dll to the PHP folder, but when I try to run regsvr32.exe php5activescript.dll, I always get the error: "LoadLibrary("php5activescript.php") failed - The specified procedure could not be found." (Unless I copy it to 5.2.17, were it registers successfull)

Php5activescript is desupported according to, but I can not find an replacement way of connection PHP to windows Script Host ?

Hope somebody can help with this.

Cross posted to PHP-install - sorry to the people who are on both lists.

--David S.

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