Podcast/audio playback tweaking

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Have a look at this sort of test page:

All of the playback control buttons have accessKey attributes assigned to them - alt + P for play, alt + U for pause, alt + B for back, alt + O for forward, and alt + R for restart.

Anyway, what it comes down to is, this makes use of either an embedded flash object to handle playback of an MP3 file, or if the browser supports/handles it, it will use HTML5 audio, and the back and forward buttons are currently set to let you jump backward and forwards by 5 seconds - but, that's just a test value - while restart will restart playback from the start, but, the main thing here is that when you pause playback, in the background it sets a browser cookie with the track position in, and that means, next time you come back to the page, and start playback, it should in fact start playing from where you last were.

This is partly since it's always a bit irritating to listen to each and every podcast embedded in a page from start to finish if you had already listened to a part of it before, and, like said, could also put together your own list of time markers, and then let guys navigate to those points if they wanted to skip other parts of the track, etc., while it's actually still all in one file, but anyway - not always a good idea.

And, lastly, this is manipulating all of the content embedding/manipulation using jQuery/javascript client side script, being rendered using PHP server side scripting, that also means I could sort of hide things like actual sound clip URL from guys pretty easily by sort of requesting the actual file from a server-side redirect/stream to the real file, and as part of that process, double check if they were trying to download it directly, or whether it was actually the script/page asking for it to be passed on.

Anyway, am passing this on in case it might be of interest, and if so, can pass on source code as well, etc.?

If you look at page markup, you'll already be able to see how it's handling the time markers/jumps.

I could also try clean it up into a bit of a simpler package as well - that's partly what have already done with the actual sound element code to make it easier to just make a page handle real-time sound effects easily enough, so I could also just include this playback/bookmarking functionality into part of that as well, to make it easier to implement, with minimal actual server-side coding required then?

Stay well

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