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you need to check the option will support with the Switch you are using.

if its cisco 2900 and Above does your work

and what distro are you using also important.
and what NIC cards you are using in your Router

if other than cisco Switch you need to check they Support VLAN Trunking and VTP Support

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   I have a setup like

          ----------     eth0
          | Router | ----------------- ISP
          | | | | | |
          different clients

  Now i want to convert this system into the form :

          ----------   eth0
          | Router |----------------------- ISP
  vlan10  |   vlan11 |   vlan12 |
         -----              |              -----------------------
        |                   |                                     |
  some clients        |                              some other clients
                some other clients

  where vlan10, vlan11 and vlan12 are the Vlan-Id's.

  Then i want to make sure that the broadcasts are restricted to there particular Vlan's
  but users in 1 vlan CAN connect to users in another vlan.
  Can anyone help me with this ?



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