[VLAN] Setting up a VLAN

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see the hub/switch manual whether it supports it or not.

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Subject: [VLAN] Setting up a VLAN

 I have a setup like

        ----------     eth0
        | Router | ----------------- ISP
        | | | | | |
        different clients

Now i want to convert this system into the form :

        ----------   eth0
        | Router |----------------------- ISP
vlan10  |   vlan11 |   vlan12 |
       -----              |              -----------------------
      |                   |                                     |
some clients        |                              some other clients
              some other clients

where vlan10, vlan11 and vlan12 are the Vlan-Id's.

Then i want to make sure that the broadcasts are restricted to there
particular Vlan's
but users in 1 vlan CAN connect to users in another vlan.
Can anyone help me with this ?


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