Re: my support in utrace.

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> - after that: i would take under my hands the uml port of utrace, do you 
> know if some work has already done? 

Jeff Dike expressed interest in doing it, but I don't think he has done any
of the regset work.  What's there now (in utrace-tracehook-um.patch) is
just the tracehook branch part of the work, which is enough simply to get
UML to compile and work again with CONFIG_UTRACE=n (and hence, no ptrace).

UML is different from a normal port, because it is not an architecture
itself, but is a different variant port of each other architecture.  The
regset details are already chosen for each arch, and just need to be
implemented compatibly in the UML context.

> In order to take a look i just imported roland git repository. I found that 
> there isn't any master branch (which in all tutorial/howto is the default 
> when you clone a repository).
> It don't give to me problem, just curious.

I am no great expert on git, and even less when I started with it.  The servers don't let me do much other than push heads,
so I cannot easily clean up the repository there like I clean up my own
local repositories.  The right thing would be to have a refs/heads/master
there is a symbolic ref for refs/heads/utrace-ptrace-compat.


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