my support in utrace.

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Hi roland, hi all.

I'm finishing another work that has nothing to do with linux, and in a few 
days i'll be ready to give some contribution.

- now, i'm searching all discussions about utrace, and i'll add to a wiki 
page. If someone could give link via mailing list, i'll put it on the 
wiki. (disclaimer: i'm quite "untidy", so perhaps someone would sort the 
information... :-P )

- after that: i would take under my hands the uml port of utrace, do you 
know if some work has already done? 

In order to take a look i just imported roland git repository. I found that 
there isn't any master branch (which in all tutorial/howto is the default 
when you clone a repository).
It don't give to me problem, just curious.

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