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Now that several people have joined the list, I'd like to kick
things off with some pointers.

Some past discussions about utrace details have taken place on the
systemtap@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and frysk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing lists.
If some posts here read like someone started in the middle of an
ongoing discussion, it's because they did.  If you are missing
some context, please look for it in those lists' archives at
http://sourceware.org/ml/systemtap/ and http://sourceware.org/ml/frysk/.

Next, I call your attention to http://sourceware.org/systemtap/wiki/utrace
This is an empty placeholder page now, but can be a place to hang
informal stuff about utrace.  I hope that folks on this list will
want either to edit that wiki or to house a utrace wiki somewhere
else if that's more convenient.  I'm lousy at writing up web and
wiki pages about stuff, but I'm always droning on with details in email.  
It would be great if people cull info from threads here for wiki
pages about the state of things.

Here are a few subjects I imagine people might want to start
talking about.  We have a whole list here, so please start new,
narrow threads with appropriate Subject lines, don't just discuss
everything in followups to this message.

* future work
  http://people.redhat.com/roland/utrace/TODO is a list in terms
  so vague they probably only make sense to me.  That can be
  elaborated, wikified, etc.

* known bugs
  I have a few, I will put together a list.

* arch porting status
  I'm not sure anyone has read utrace-arch-porting-howto.txt lately.  
  Perhaps I should be posting to linux-arch more trying to drum up
  interest in doing ports.

* utrace back into -mm?  (upstream integration status generally)
  I don't really know anything you don't know, but maybe we could know more.


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