trn4 goes insane sometimes: "bogus newsgroup" "bogus newsgroup" ... rest of .newsrc

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Trn4 sometimes goes insane (rarely, maybe once every
6 months?):

It gives some error (I forget what, maybe no error at
all) before it it starts doing, for *each* newsgroup
in .newsrc beyond the current place, saying:

  bogus newsgroup foogroup
  bogus newsgroup bargroup
all the way to the end!

(WRONG: I just looked -- it starts at the
BEGINNING of .newsrc, ie does "bogus newsgroup"
on EVERY newsgroup.

Go look at .newsrc after that, and every
newsgroup now has a "!" after it.

Does ANYONE have ANY idea as to what might be
the cause?

Is there maybe a *patch* to fix it?

Any words of observation, wisdom, etc will be welcome!



PS: I'd been running trn for about an hour when this



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