documentation on ":." and "::." confusing, perhaps incomplete?

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Here's some doc from trn, uppercaseified by me,
plus my own hint or two (hint to me):

:cmd    ** Perform a command on ALL the SELECTED articles (use :p to post).
::cmd   Perform a command on ALL NON-selected articles.
:.cmd   **** Perform a command on THE current THREAD or its selected articles.
::.cmd  ****** Perform a command on the UNselected articles IN the current THREAD.
        ****** (INCLUDING, in the show-via-t-cmd tree, PAREN-WRAPPED-articles)
 [NOTE: to mark thread "NOT YET READ", use TWO-colons-dot:  ::.m]

(ignore the asterisks, means importance to me)

Say I'm in a thread, everything marked "read already",
and that's due to my mistake -- I now want to
get them all marked UN-read.

Reading the above (not including my two hint-lines, lines 5 & 6),
it's seem you'd use ":.", ie ":.m".

But that seems to have no effect at all.

However, TWO-colons-dot *does* work, eg: "::.m".

Suggestion: haave the two-colon-dot doc change "unselected"
to "unselected or already-read".

Or am I confused?

(for what I wanted to do, mark all read articles in the current
thread as unread, ::.m *is* the correct thing to do?  (worked
for me.)  Any other (preferable) way?)



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