TRN: Is "scoring" some kind of an n-cubed process? (55,000 articles in group)

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Here on my isp,, there's a local
newsgroup called panix.questions -- has
never had an article expire (thank god -- much of the
info there is timeless).

Recently, trying to get trn to look at the
group has turned out to be near or fully impossible.

It types something like "Scoring ...", and never
seems to complete.  

I have to ^c the thing, to stop it (and exit trn).

Anything already known that might explain
the problem?

If not, is there some way to turn off scoring --
or does even thinking of that make no sense at all?

BTY, here's the version number:

Trn version: 4.0-test76 (Apr 2, 2001).
Configured for NNTP (plus individual local access).
You can request help from:  trn-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Send bug reports, suggestions, etc. to:  trn-workers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Is that reasonably new (sure doesn't seem so, with 
that "ancient" date!)



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