TRN: line to ISP drops: NEXT trn-run, "overwrite .newsrc.bak?": whatToDo?

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Old-fashioned here (but no viruses, etc!): I use phone line
to dial into my isp (unix shell there too), and it's
only *there* that I run mutt, trn, lynx, etc.

Well, also just like in the old-days, the line drops --
well, their connection drops -- often while I'm
running trn(4).

So, a bit later I dial back in, and again run trn(4),
and as usual it asks me if I want to let it overwrite

QUESTION: How should I answer that?

QUESTION: just how often does trn update .newsrc?

  I assume that at least when you switch newsgrooups, it
  does.   When else?  After *each* msg read?  After each
  *thread* read?   etc.

QUESTION: .newsrc is only one file, with some msg numbers
  in it.  And it *can* be backed-up, etc.

  But what about all the *other* stuff that gets saved
  on the disk, in various "trn" subdirectories?

  What's all *that* stuff?

  Here's the trn-named stuff from a du -a cmd:

egrepi trn dua.out
504     ./.trn/Kill/Threads
1144    ./.trn/Kill
28      ./.trn/savedscores
1220    ./.trn

4       ./.trnrc     (this one's of course obvious)

0       ./trn

QUESTION: What does all or some of that stuff have to with what
gets lost when the line drops while in trn?

QUESTION: Is there any part of it that *should* get backed-up at
the same time as .newsrc?

QUESTION: Of what use is it for us to know what's in those

   Like, is there every any need, or use, in *hacking* any
   of that stuff?



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