Best way to read articles by only some posters in a given thread?

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 Quite often when faced with a large thread, I find myself wanting to
read only the articles in it written by certain posters (ones prolific
enough to post in other threads as well, threads that I don't want to
read at the moment).

 Is there any efficient way to do this? So far the best way I have
found is to do '/Author/Hfrom:+', then narrow the view to only selected
threads with E, then manually unselect everything but the relevant
thread (which is tedious and possibly error-prone if there's a lot of
threads the person has posted in).

 Also tried:
	- select thread
	- ::M to vanish everything else
	- unselect thread
	- select specific authors, read
	- Y to get all the other articles back
... except that they come back selected, and I haven't found a good
way of unselecting them all again save leaving and reentering the
newsgroup (at which point the 'Y' becomes surplus).

 Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

	- cks

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