TRN: "q": ask "are you sure?" (like lynx) Why: while marking threads, too easy to hit q

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I was just now marking a bunch of threads, by typing-in the
letters that label the thread-display.

Typically, I'll mark 20 or so, then do a :T+, and then
go mark another 20 or so, ...

Well, my eyes just saw something, maybe an oh "o", that
my aging eyes interpreted as a "q", which I knee-jerked
hit (without thinking, of course, that there was no
label "q", just the command "q", for quit).

Needless to say, I lost all the marks made since the
prior :T+.

Would be nice if "q" would ask "are you sure?" or the like.

That "q" is just too darned easy to mistakenly type-in!


Can I be the *only* trn-user (on this list) who's had this


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