Re: TRN: "q": ask "are you sure?" (like lynx) Why: while marking threads, too easy to hit q

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On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, David Combs wrote:
>Typically, I'll mark 20 or so, then do a :T+, and then
>go mark another 20 or so, ...

What exactly does this do?   I think it is some kind of "remember the
selected threads", but I don't use it.  ok, after looking in the right
help section, I see:
T       Add current thread to memorized commands (selection or killing).

So I think this means you're adding a 'killfile' command to automatically
select this thread upon group entry, right?

I sometimes use M then Y if I'm trying to get things back later but ignore
them for now.

Just trying to learn new ways of using trn that might be better.

>Would be nice if "q" would ask "are you sure?" or the like.

I hope this would be optional.  Though I understand that this is
theoretically "data loss", it's not the same as literally typing a document
for hours and losing that data.  This kind of "loss" can be relatively
easily gotten back to.    But if I can turn it off, then add it, sure!

Personally I hate these kinds of "are you sure you want to quit?" questions
except as mentioned above (unsaved document changes).  The obscure-to-most-
people example that always sticks in my head is "Do you want to quit DicEd?"
when quitting DicEd, an Apple IIGS icon editing program a friend of mine wrote
maybe ugh, 17 years ago.  That is, that's the one I think of when people
talk about are you sure you want to quit dialogs.

>Can I be the *only* trn-user (on this list) who's had this

I'm not sure, but it's still below the bug I think is most important
to fix -- the "jump to the end of the article list once you've read
messages beyond some high percentage in the list"..  I have to keep paging
back pages if I am in a group with tons of messages if I want to read
some threads then go back.

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