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On Fri 22 Aug 2003 at 14:54:43 +0200, Marco van Loon wrote:
> >     :e|ydecode
> >     :s|ydecode
> That will only work if ydecode has a 'dumb' "blindly decode and append an
>  article" mode...
> If you've got a 4-article multi-part binary, the above does:
> ydecode article1
> ydecode article2
> ydecode article3
> ydecode article4
> instead of ydecode article1 article2 article3 article4

The ydecoder that I have handles this situation perfectly. I believe it
is simply the reference implementation, more or less, just made to
compile properly on my Alpha. 

And no, it is not "blindly decode and append an article" mode, you can
decode the articles in any order. yEnc was designed for this, after all.

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