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  Hi guys,

I just figured out a missing feature of trn.  I make trn index already read
articles in the background, so when I'm reading articles, the article tree
is often incomplete.  I also often like to maneuver my article reading by
moving around in the tree with the arrow keys.  When I get onto incomplete
parts of the tree, trn just writes

<newsgroup>: article may show up in a moment.

Trn knows about the article, but I figure the XOVER record for it hasn't
been loaded yet.  Nevertheless, how does trn know about the article?
It has to be through inspecting the references header of the article you
are reading.  And what does the References header contain?  Message-ids.
And how can you retrieve articles in a newsgroup over NNTP besides using
the article number?  Through message-ids.  

So am I the only one who figures that trn could perform a bit better in
this regard? ;)

  Lars J

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