TRN: big need: inner-printf of screen to a file (eg thread-list)

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Sometimes I'm in a really large newsgroup,
eg, and remember from a few
days earlier a thread about walking-machines,
treadmills, jogging-machines; some name *like*
those were in the subject-line (er, thread-title).

Now, this group, its threads, with only one
like showing per thread (via "L"-cmd), on my
60 some-odd lines high screen, takes FIFTY
TRN SCREEN PAGES to get from top to bottom.

Now, what I'd *like* (eg, *need*) to do, in
order to see if this thread is still there,
unexpired, is to GREP the entire list.

(For eg this word, that word, some other word,
plus some wild-assed guesses)

(No, I don't want to use trn's "/"-search, because
I've *already* marked a (whole) bunch of items;
nor do I want some extremely abstruse set of
existing commands so that I *can* use "/".)

What would be *best* for me would be to simply
get the entire list, all 50 pages worth, of whatever
items are currently on screen, same format --
written out to a *file*.

It's the ages-old unix-idea: there's all these
little tools out there, most designed for handling
text-files, and once the data is in an ascii file,
I'm then *free* to use those tools, to do whatever
I want with them.

Seems like the code already has a loop to draw
the screen, probably just a printf wrapped in
a loop.

Wouldn't it be almost *trivial* to duplicate that
loop, change the from-to limits to 0-(aryLen-1),
and have the printf write to standard out?

Please, somone trn-hacker, do it.

Such a huge user-benefit from such a small



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