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Patrick Vervoorn <> wrote:
: On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Patrick Vervoorn wrote:
: > On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Lars J. Aas wrote:
: >
: > > : I'd like to do this also, but what is the location (and name) of the
: > > : Global killfile?
: > >
: > > Don't remember, but you can edit it by pressing Ctrl-K in the newsgroup selector.
: >
: > OK, I did this, but now trn developed a new irritating message: everytime
: > I enter a newsgroup, it displays:
: >
: > Processing memorized commands...
: >
: > /
: >
: > [Type space to continue]
: >
: > I don't want it to require typing space from me!?
: And another addition: Using Ctrl-K places a file named 'KILL' in my
: ~/News/ directory.
: That's not where I'd like it. Is there another location I can put this
: line and/or file, maybe somewhere in the .trn/ directory?

[from trn.1]:

       Interpretation and Interpolation

       %c      Current newsgroup, directory form.

       %C      Current newsgroup, dot form.

       %O      Original  working  directory  (where  you  ran trn

       %p      Your private news directory, normally ~/News.

       %~      Your home directory.

       %.      The directory containing your dot files, which  is
               your  home  directory unless the environment vari-
               able DOTDIR is defined when trn is invoked.

       %{name} or %{name-default}
               The environment variable "name".


       KILLGLOBAL (~)
               Where  to  find  the  KILL  file to apply to every
               newsgroup.  See the '^K' command at the newsgroup-
               selection level.

               Default: %p/KILL

       KILLLOCAL (~)
               Where  to find the KILL file for the current news-
               group.  See the commands 'K' and '^K' at the arti-
               cle  selection level, and the search modifier 'K'.

               Default: %p/%c/KILL

  Lars J

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