Re: MetaConfig vs Autoconf (was: Why are we still using trn?)

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Matt Ackeret <> wrote:
: On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Lars J. Aas wrote:
: >Nevertheless, most people (just my educated guess) who download and
: >build sources off the net are most familiar with the Autoconf way - they
: >may not even have encountered any Metaconf-based packages at all
: >before they are going to try compiling the newly released trn4-final.
: Wait, is this a joke, a reference to my wanting to make trn4 final?

Not really :)  I totally agree with you that trn 4 should be "finished up"
and shipped out the door.  test-73 was "released" in May 2000 and we're
now at 76.  It's one of the more stable pieces of software I'm using,
and it's a "test"-release...  God knows when the last non-test trn (3.6?)
was released...

I see trn 3.0 was released July 93, so maybe we should aim for July for
the 4.0 release:

              "Trn Special 10-Year Anniversary Edition".

Put it on a DVD and it will sell like hotcakes ;)

  Lars J

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