TRN: "followup" & "is this an unrelated topic?" & include-prior-post

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I just did a f-followup to a thread, but wanted
to talk about something mentioned in that
thread, but to do it via a fresh thread, where
it'd be easier to see (instead of a switched
via "was: " topic down in the middle of a thread),
and would be *possible* to see in the 
one-line-per-thread display.

So I answered that yes, it was a different

Trn asked the usual set of questions on
starting a new thread, but left out one
(from the "followup" set of questions)
that I really wanted --

 "include the prior post?"

(or whatever it asks; you know what I'm talking

Including that question in this situation of
starting a new thread whose idea was generated
by another thread, whose text would give needed
context to the *new* thread, is, I believe,
a valid and useful way to use trn.

How much trouble would it be to have a global
variable "I originated in a followup-cmd",
looked at by your probable subroutine
"start new thread", which I assume your
followup with "unrelated topic" combination


David Combs

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