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	In December of 2001, Ben Jackson <> posted a note
to this list about trn crashes that he was having when he switched to
using as his news server.  At the time, he posted a
proposed change to list.c which received no response on this list.  I
also have an AT&T cable modem connection and started having problems
about then as well.  Recently, I looked into my own problems and found
I was seeing clearly wrong values in the structures maintained by
list.c.  I exchanged e-mail with Ben and he sent me the patch that
he's using which changes the calculation for node->low when a new node
is allocated in listnum2listitem().

	Ben's change looks like an improvement, but the more I look at
the function in question - listnum2listitem() - the more I can't
understand what functionality it or the rest of list.c is trying to
support.  In general, it seems to be implementing dynamically and
sparsely allocated arrays.  It makes some effort to allow the upper
end of the allocated range (list->high) to increase beyond that
specified when the array was originally created, but an incomplete
effort to support a reduction in the low end (list->low).  I've run
trn under gdb with breakpoints in listnum2listitem() and I can say for
a fact that under some circumstances when the list is article_list
that attempts are made to access indices below the current list->low.
Also, I am not sure what the flag LF_SPARSE means.  In general, lists
appear to always be sparsely allocated.

	As currently written, I don't think list.c fully implements
the functionality required by the code that calls it.  I'm happy to
work on fixing that, but can't without a better idea of what its
expected operating parameters are.  Can somebody with a more general
knowledge of the trn source code say something about this?

				 Bill Bogstad

P.S. The SEGVs for me occur in walk_list() when an article_list is
being deallocated.

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