Re: TRN: in reply (vi), line-nums are pale-yellow, *impossible* toread

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On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Matt Ackeret wrote:

> On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Yury Burkatovsky wrote:
> >If you have an X window environment on your desktop, you could use any of
> >the plenty of available X-window oriented editors, including GNU freeware.
> >
> >I personally tossed dtterm out and switched to xterm long ago, mostly due
> >to its better mouse support. Anyway, *term is only needed for running old
> >terminal-oriented applications while there are editors that create windows
> >of their own.
> Umm, you seem to miss the fact that some of us *prefer* using "old terminal-
> oriented applications".  If you're against it, why are you running trn?

I'm not against any "old terminal-oriented applications" in any Windows
environment. More of that, I am old enough to have been brought up on
ancient command-line interface that didn't allow for mouse clicks to be
understood by applications.

I am running trn simply because I haven't found another newsreader as
powerful and fast as it. Windows and X windows crap even doesn't come
close to trn, granting it has its own bugs and insufficiencies.

> (I'm typing this in vim, launched from pine..  from an ssh session I started
> on Mac OS X..)

(I'm running now trn from a telnet session open on my home PC logged into
my machine at work. Trn is connected to a public NNTP server from abroad :)

> I've been vaguely interested in trying out GUI versions of vim once in a while,
> mostly to allow use of an "external editor" in GUI programs that wouldn't
> be able to launch vim.

One of advantages of editing in GUI environment is possibility to use
mouse more widely, e.g. drag selected text from place to place either as a
full paragraph or as a rectangular. I've also tried some GUI to upgrade
from vi. I used to know vi very well, customized it to my needs and got
accustomed to it. Nevertheless, when I tried a stable version of nedit, I
switched to it and made it my default editor for my desktop, including
pine, trn and lynx, and have been never sorry about this. I still use vi
in non-windows environment and in no way am upset from this fact: every
approach has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no point in
being stuck to either of them rigorously.
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