Re: TRN: in reply (vi), line-nums are pale-yellow, *impossible* toread

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Hi David,

This is no way a TRN related topic.

If you have an X window environment on your desktop, you could use any of
the plenty of available X-window oriented editors, including GNU freeware.

I personally tossed dtterm out and switched to xterm long ago, mostly due
to its better mouse support. Anyway, *term is only needed for running old
terminal-oriented applications while there are editors that create windows
of their own.

I would recommend using nedit ( but this is my own
personal preference. It is very easy to learn for a beginner, highly
customizable and easily built for a variety of platforms. There are also
out-of-the-box binary files ready for installation on Sun, Linux, HP-UX
and other targets. Nedit has a lot of useful features that you won't
find in either vi or nvi. You can read some articles on nedit at and (more recent)

Others may recommend other editors for X windows.

Again, this is irrelevant for "more about trn" IMO.
Regards,						|       /^^^\
	Yury						|     (| , , |)
							|      |  *  |
E-mail: yury.burkatovsky at telrad dot co dot il	|       \_-_/

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, David Combs wrote:

> For the first time ever, for the last week, since
> I switched from using the ancient sun "shelltool"
> gui-terminal-emulator (is that what it & dtterm &
> xterm are called?) to cde ddterm, I am able
> to see *COLORS*!
> (About which I know nothing, nor x11 either.)
> Anyway, when I want to do a followup to a
> news-post, trn puts me into vi (well, here
> on my shell-acct isp, they tell me that what
> they call vi is really nvi), and since my
> .exrc specifies shownumbers (if that's what
> it's called, I forget, too lazy to look),
> I get line-numbers, which I have always found
> handy.
> Anyway, they show in this horrible pale, very
> pale, that is, yellow, totally unreadable
> against the bright white background.
> Any clue as how to I can change them to, say,
> red, or deep blue, or brown, or anything
> visible?
> (And *without* having to read a book or even
> a chapter on X resources, I hope -- maybe
> just a cookbook recipe, something I can
> just lift off the screen and stick into
> some dot-file?)
> David
> PS: whatever answers come on this, maybe they
> should be held aside somewhere for eventual
> inclusion into a "more about trn" manual (since
> that original one will likely *never* get
> updated).   :-(

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