TRN: many threads already "*": now want foo-threads browsing

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Suppose I've already marked lots of threads
that I want to (eventually) browse.

And, I've saved those marks, via ":T+".


NOW, I suddenly need to look at the threads
that would be marked were I to search for eg "foo",
like hitting / then typing-in "foo".

And it's *urgent*, say; I must look at those
foo-threads NOW (not tomorrow, not in two hours...,
but maybe in ten minutes <to give me time to
do whatever prodedures the trn-gurus explain>).

PLUS: I sure don't want to lose all those marks
I've already got -- took some time to simply
decide on them!


So, any way to *temporarily* forget the existing
marks, and operate as if there were *no* threads
already marked?

(Of course, I'd assume this trick (assuming there
is one) would work only during a trn-session --
any use of ":T+" might hurt things?)



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