Re: TRN: many threads already "*": now want foo-threads browsing

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On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, David Combs wrote:
> So, any way to *temporarily* forget the existing marks, and operate as
> if there were *no* threads already marked?

Since your old marks are memorized commands, you should be able to just
unselect all the articles (type ":-") and search to your hearts content.
When you're done, exit the group and re-enter and all your memorized
thread-selects will get re-applied.  Another solution (that assumes that
there is no overlap between the two sets of selected articles) would be
to mark your articles as to-return (":M"), select and read for a while,
and then yank the suspended articles back via "Y" (or by exiting the

If you're cautious, you might want to stop trn from looking for new
articles (via "&-K") so that newly-arriving articles don't auto-select
themselves while you're reading the things that you found via search.


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