Temporary server failure causing articles to be read

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I have a very flaky upstream ISP at home. To mitigate the problems I've
been having, I've set up nntpcache ( http://www.nntpcache.org/ ).

The only problem is that it occasionally still needs to talk to the
upstream ISP, and if that happens when the upstream news server is down,
nntpcache will return:

499 Try again later - remote server down?

The issue is that when trn gets this, it treats it as a permanent, not
temporary failure. So e.g. reports "article is not available" and then
*proceeds to mark the article as read*! This is obviously not good for a
temporary problem as I will now never see the article.

I'm happy to try and fix any code in trn (or nntpcache), but I need a few
pointers where to start, and/or if there is a better code for nntpcache to
return - I notice *9* is meant to be debug messages only.

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