Problem with TRN concepts

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I downloaded and compiled TRN but am having some problems
understanding the issues.  Please understand, this is my first
attempt at any *rn family of products.

I have DSL, an nntp server available to me, lots of disk space, and
CPU speed is not an issue.  I have no interest in running my own
server.  I do have an interest in doing as much work as I can
locally; threading, indexing, offline message body storage,

The key in TRN appears to be choosing overview or mthreads. I'm
assuming overview is random access blocks and mthreads is sorted
(or something like that).

Running config, up pops this question:
> Enter a local directory for overview files, "remote", or "none":
> (~name ok)

At first I answered this with the default "remote", finished the
rest, started up the program.  The first newsgroup I added took 30
minutes to get headers (I assume it's getting headers).  Every time
I quit out and restarted, another 20 minutes. Not very useful
configuration to me.  :)

So, maybe this is "offline mode" so to speak.  Changed the above
Configure parameter to a local directory.  Now, instead, it takes 5
hours saying it's "threading".  Good, I let it run 5 hours.  Quit
program, restart, it wants another 5 hours.  Whoa.

Can someone give me an idea of what is going on in each situation?
Can someone tell me what my target configuration might look like?

William Guynes

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