TRN source-code: sorting-by-subj: where is "RE:" handled?

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My question is to only those who know, without looking,
where things are in the sources.

(I could gzcat trn.gz | tar xvf -, but for now it
takes too much disk, but I will be forced to if no one knows
the answer right off the top of his/her head.)

You know how the subject-lines
   foo bar
   Re: foo bar

get treated (sorted by subject) as if those are the
same two subjects, to thus appear together when
sorted by subject -- that's the routine I want
to look at.

If someone knows which one, then I can xvf only that
one file.

If you can't remember within maybe 10 seconds, 
just skip this request.



PS: *Why* I need to look at / maybe hack
that routine: I'm on a group of related
lists, and some msgs are sent to several
of the lists, and then those people
reply, and *that* subject-line has
*that* person's group-name, in square-brackets,
*within* the subject line:

  [A] foo bar
  Re: [A] foo bar
  [B] Re: foo bar
  [C] Re: foo bar
  [A] Re: [C] Re: foo bar


you get the idea -- and I want to sort these
by subject -- rather, a canonicalized subject,
eg just "foo bar".


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