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> Bruce,
> First thing to do is install version 1.4.23, which is available as a SVN
> snapshot on our downloads page and should be quite stable and it might fix
> the errors in your log. The expired token seems like it may also be
> related with the PHP session problem in your environment.
> The unauthenticated relay error is coming from your MTA and isn't an issue
> you'll resolve in SquirrelMail unless you require even local clients to
> authenticate -- in that case, make sure to enable authentication to the
> MTA in the SM settings.
I downloaded the 1.4.23 SVN snapshot, and then installed it. I used the same config.php settings that I used for 1.4.22 and the new version of SquirrelMail works just fine. At least the 'reply function' does. I don't have the time right now to test it fully. I'll try later or tomorrow. I have not yet installed any add-ons, but I don't think that's related to the issue I was experiencing. Thanks for your assistance Paul. I still have a few head slaps to do for just not d/l'ing that new version and trying it before wasting your time. BTW, I am the only user and will most probably keep it that way. Thanks again.
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