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On Tue, December 5, 2023 10:22 pm, Bruce Gowans wrote:
> I can receive emails just fine, but I cannot reply or compose a new one,
> and I'm trying to within 10 seconds after logging in.
> These are screenshots of the errors I receive when replying to an email,
> or composing a new message.
> - reply
> - compose
> This is a screenshot from web host error logs.
> I don't have access to any mail server logs.
> Squirrelmail - 1.4.22, this is the version that I have installed
> manually on my shared web host. At this time I only have the
> Administrator and Compatibility add-ons installed.
> SquirrelMail - 1.4.19, this is the version that my web host has
> installed themselves, and also works correctly. I can't stand it though,
> as I have no control over just about anything, such as themes and CSS,
> and I can't add any add-ons, I can't even disable or remove any of the
> few they have installed.

First thing to do is install version 1.4.23, which is available as a SVN
snapshot on our downloads page and should be quite stable and it might fix
the errors in your log. The expired token seems like it may also be
related with the PHP session problem in your environment.

The unauthenticated relay error is coming from your MTA and isn't an issue
you'll resolve in SquirrelMail unless you require even local clients to
authenticate -- in that case, make sure to enable authentication to the
MTA in the SM settings.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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