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I can receive emails just fine, but I cannot reply or compose a new one, and I'm trying to within 10 seconds after logging in.

These are screenshots of the errors I receive when replying to an email, or composing a new message. - reply - compose

This is a screenshot from web host error logs.

I don't have access to any mail server logs.

Squirrelmail - 1.4.22, this is the version that I have installed manually on my shared web host. At this time I only have the Administrator and Compatibility add-ons installed.

SquirrelMail - 1.4.19, this is the version that my web host has installed themselves, and also works correctly. I can't stand it though, as I have no control over just about anything, such as themes and CSS, and I can't add any add-ons, I can't even disable or remove any of the few they have installed.

This is information that I got from my web hosts' "control panel".
Platform Type 	Debian
PHP Version 	7.3.2

I got this from a Received: header.
Cyrus - 3.9.0

RainLoop/1.17.0, I installed this webmail package and it works fully.
BetterBird - 115.5.1-bb19, this is the email client that I use, and it works fine too.

These are the browsers I have used. Pale Moon is my primary browser. I refuse to use Edge, Chrome, or FireFox. If the problem is because any of those browsers aren't used, oh well, I'll just have to settle with RainLoop, or my email client.

Pale Moon - 32.5.1
Floorp - 11.6.1
Mercury - 115.2.0esr
Vivaldi - 6.2.3105.47

I used to have a working copy of Squirrelmail that I installed myself in 2006. I used and successfully upgraded it when necessary for 5 years or so. Unfortunately for me now, I have deleted all the related directories. I also loaded the configtest.php page, and it did not report any errors. I have the variable $max_token_age_days set to 5 and it is in the config_local.php file. The mail server settings that I used are the same as the ones in the working copy of RainLoop and the email client. Browsing thru this page was unhelpful to me: SquirrelMail / Mailing Lists / Search -

Thanks for any assistance!

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