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On Tue, April 19, 2022 6:13 pm, James B. Byrne via squirrelmail-users wrote:
> FreeBSD-13.0
> SM 1.4.23
> I have SM running from a FreeBSD binary package for PHP81.  I likewise
> have
> installed the shared_calendar plugin and its dependencies from FreeBSD
> packages. I have configured SM to load this plugin.  I also copied a
> data/config.php file from another installation of SM where the
> shared_calendar
> plugin is in use. I compared the config.php.sample files from both
> installations and they are identical. The modified file config.php differs
> from
> the sample only in that the names of the calendar administrators are
> present.
> The problem is that the shared_calendar plugin does not appear when a user
> is
> logged on to that instance of SM.  I cannot find any log file entries
> indicating a problem but the plugin is not available to use.
> How can I tell what is happening when SM starts up and find out why the
> plugin
> does not function?

Did you watch for PHP errors? Do the calendar administrative options show
up for users listed in $cal_admins in the plugin configuration? Are you
sure it is enabled in the right SM instance? Did you run configtest? I
have newer code than will be from the port you get, so I personally can't
help as much, but you can insert debug lines in the code to see where the
code path ends before printing out the calendar link that you expect to

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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