Re: I keep getting logged out of webmail

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>> You keep ignoring my suggestion to look at $check_mail_mechanism.  Is
>> the
>> left/folder frame where the "must be logged in" message appears?
>> Right-click in that frame, hit H then R to cause that frame only to
>> reload
>> and see if you are in fact logged out.  If you're not, changing this
>> setting may help.
> I am not ignoring you.  I have a lot of more serious things that require
> my
> attention.  SM's changed behaviour is an occasional annoyance, not a
> problem.
> I reported it so that you would be aware of this behaviour  and possibly
> correlate it with other reports, if any.  When I get a few spare moments
> then I
> will take a look at the things you suggest.  However, I am constrained to
> use
> whatever version of SM the FreeBSD port maintainer chooses to release
> regardless if a fix is found or not.
> In any case, I deeply suspect that culpability lies with FF and not SM.

Ok, thank you for the report.  Hope to hear from any others that may be
seeing this.

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