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On Sat, August 1, 2020 7:47 pm, Orca Inbox wrote:
> Hi Paul thanks for the response much appreciated.
> Here<> is the log file for /var/log/maillog.  I am
> not certain if this is what you need.

Not what I need, what *you* need.  Seriously, *you* have to learn how to
figure this stuff out.  Indeed, this log file looks barren of most of the
normal things you'd see in a functional mail server.  I suggest you first
make sure your mail server can send and receive email without using any
mail client at all (use command line sendmail command or similar).  Watch
the log file in a different window when you do so:

tail -f /var/log/maillog

> PHP-Mapi instantiated 7,1,14,51822

That's a PHP extension for Exchange and I don't know why it would be
"instantiating" over and over so quickly for an idle system. Doesn't look
good to me.

> Then my skilled friend said to check the webserver logs. Peculiar thing
> for me is the logs are empty.

Then that's another problem you should try to clear up first.

> When I cat file -rwxrwxrwx and
> the command goes through but nothing
> outputs.

This is the correct command:


> On Tue, July 28, 2020 5:04 am, Orca Inbox wrote:
>> Problem: I edited /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/config_defaul.php for
>> some esthetic changes when I should have edited
>> /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/  Now I can no longer send mail,
>> I
>> can receive mail.  SquirrelMail was working fine before I made these
>> changes<>.
>> I reversed my changes but that didn't fix it.  I can no longer send
>> mail.
>> I can receive it though.  Here are the changes I
>> made<http://%20>
>> config_default.php clearly states to not edit the file and to edit
> No, the configuration file you want is config.php, which is automatically
> generated if you *run*
>> | This is my fault. I apologize for wasting anyone's
>> time.<>
>> jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and can receive mail in
>> SquirrelMail but can not send it.
> What you need to do is look in your logs and show the error that is
> preventing this.  That's the only way to hone in quickly on your problem,
> especially when asking from help from other people.
> --
> Paul Lesniewski
> SquirrelMail Team
> Please support Open Source Software by donating to SquirrelMail!
>> The only thing I can think of is in line 35,41,61,95,106,695; I have a ;
>> at the end of each line when the docs do not have the ;.  I thought
>> about
>> removing the ; but I tend to break things faster then I build them so I
>> thought I'd ask first.
>> Needed Details
>> SquirrelMail version = 1.4.23
>> Every plugin installed = None that I know of
>> PHP Version = 5.4.16
>> Web server = Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)
>> IMAP server = ?
>> SMTP server = ?
>> OS = CentOS7
>> How software was installed = Came pre-installed
>> Browsers tried = Firefox 68.6.0esr
>> Any things that might make your install different = ?
>> Bug report plugin: The requested URL
>> /path-to-squirrelmail/src/configtest.php was not found on this server.
>> Before You Ask<>
>>   1.  NA
>>   2.  NA
>>   3.  Read it
>>   4.  NA
>>   5.  I reverse the changed I made to the config_default .php file. No
>> luck.  I was surprised at this. I only chanced six variables so I
>> thought if I changed variables back to original it would work.  No dice.
>>  I can receive mail but can not send.  I should have modified the
>> file like the file said.  I f*^ked up.
>>   6.  I asked a skilled friend.  He said to restore the
>> config_default.php
>> from the back up I made before I edited the config_default,php file.
>> Problem was I was backing up my ~ not / so I was unable to restore the
>> original file. So I looked up the source code
>> <>
>> and made changes back to original with no luck.  Learning is fun.
>>   7.  NA
>> I have learned to respect the instructions in the config_default.php
>> file,
>> which states clearly to edit the for modification changes.
>> Learning the hard way.
>> I read How to Ask Questions the Smart
>> Way<>.
>> Thank you for any responses they are greatly appreciated.  Sorry again
>> for
>> screwing this up.  This is my bottleneck.
>> Cheers, Jesse
>> Jesse Mac Dougall
>> orcainbox@xxxxxxx
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