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Problem: I edited /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/config_defaul.php for some esthetic changes when I should have edited /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/  Now I can no longer send mail, I can receive mail.  SquirrelMail was working fine before I made these changes<>. I reversed my changes but that didn't fix it.  I can no longer send mail. I can receive it though.  Here are the changes I made<http://%20>

config_default.php clearly states to not edit the file and to edit | This is my fault. I apologize for wasting anyone's  time.<>

jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and can receive mail in SquirrelMail but can not send it.

The only thing I can think of is in line 35,41,61,95,106,695; I have a ; at the end of each line when the docs do not have the ;.  I thought about removing the ; but I tend to break things faster then I build them so I thought I'd ask first.

Needed Details
SquirrelMail version = 1.4.23
Every plugin installed = None that I know of
PHP Version = 5.4.16
Web server = Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)
IMAP server = ?
SMTP server = ?
OS = CentOS7
How software was installed = Came pre-installed
Browsers tried = Firefox 68.6.0esr
Any things that might make your install different = ?
Bug report plugin: The requested URL /path-to-squirrelmail/src/configtest.php was not found on this server.

Before You Ask<>

  1.  NA
  2.  NA
  3.  Read it
  4.  NA
  5.  I reverse the changed I made to the config_default .php file. No luck.  I was surprised at this. I only chanced six variables so I thought if I changed variables back to original it would work.  No dice.  I can receive mail but can not send.  I should have modified the file like the file said.  I f*^ked up.
  6.  I asked a skilled friend.  He said to restore the config_default.php from the back up I made before I edited the config_default,php file.  Problem was I was backing up my ~ not / so I was unable to restore the original file. So I looked up the source code  <> and made changes back to original with no luck.  Learning is fun.
  7.  NA

I have learned to respect the instructions in the config_default.php file, which states clearly to edit the for modification changes.  Learning the hard way.

I read How to Ask Questions the Smart Way<>.

Thank you for any responses they are greatly appreciated.  Sorry again for screwing this up.  This is my bottleneck.

Cheers, Jesse

Jesse Mac Dougall

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