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Markus, G Kwan,

Be aware that squirrelmail is an imap email client that only accesses email on an imap email server.

Squirrelmail doesn't hold the email in any way shape or form. The imap email server holds the email.

You will need to talk to your email server administrator and see if they hold any backups of your mail spool.

If they do they may be able to recover your email. There is no function in squirrelmail to do so.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

Ted Hatfield

On Tue, 20 Aug 2019, Markus Robert Kessler wrote:


maybe Paul knows about some trick, but, so far, I don't.

Next thing you could check is asking your email provider if they hold
backups from which you can choose one to fall back.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply.
I checked the folder preferences but there does not seem to be any
Under "Special Folder Options" there are 3 folders, Trash, Draft and
Sent.  In the "Trash Folder",   "trash" is selected.

Do you think the deleted messages can be recovered?

G Kwan.


normally messages are only marked as "to be deleted" when you click on
delete. There has to be an explicit call to imap_expunge() function
triggered by click on purge to finally remove them from the server.

So, could you look into options ==> folder preferences, if there is a
mismatch regarding what's set as the trash folder?

Best regards,


Today, I was reviewing the messages in my Inbox. I had selected certain
messages to be deleted but for some reason, all the messages in my
were deleted (in excess of 2,000 messages). They did not go into the
folder.  Is there any way these messages can be recovered?

Thank you.

G Kwan.

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