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Am 2019-08-13 17:43, schrieb Markus Robert Kessler:
Hi Michael,

thanks for asking -- I wrote:

"Das Kürzel SVN, für Apache Subversion zeigt an, dass mittlerweile
Fehlerbereinigungen und kleinere Erweiterungen nicht mehr unmittelbar als
neue Versionsnummern veröffentlicht werden, sondern dass die jeweils
aktuelle Hauptversion direkt im Versions-Kontrollsystem weiter gepflegt


"The shortcut SVN, for Apache Subversion, points out that meanwhile
bugfixes and minor extentions not necessarily always lead to publishing
them as new versions. Instead, the current main version is being
maintained directly within the version control system."

I think, this describes precisely enough, why we have 1.4.23-svn as the
most recent stable version.

And, yes -- we all have it in daily usage.

In my opinion it is the best and most convenient IMAP surface.
So, it is import that people get this info.

Best regards,


Hello Markus,

ok, I reviewed your changes. In fact 1.4.23-svn is the "Rolling Release" of the stable branch, right? I've added this wording to the wiki page, I think most do understand this pattern. One questions remains: What about the date of the version in the box? I think that replacing the date with mentioning the "rolling release" scheme would describe it the best way. Else someone would need to change the box at every commit...

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher

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