Re: squirrelmail 1.5.2 + php7: can only display main folder

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On 02.06.2018 05:47, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
> On 2018年04月22日 08:35, Michael Fritscher wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> it seems that on every folder the main folder is displayed. only the
>> count of shouwn mails is correct, but even the mails alltogether are
>> from the main folder.
> Sorry, it's pretty hard to suggest anything with such limited
> information.  Please make sure your snapshot of 1.5.2 is recent and then
> review the mailing list posting guidelines to include all the system
> information you can.
> And be precise: "main folder is displayed" means what exactly?  (the
> list of messages is from your Inbox?)  Does the folder list behave
> properly?  Can you navigate to, say, the second page of the message
> list?  I'm going to guess that this is a system configuration problem,
> but who knows...

Good morning,

yes, it is/was a recent snapshot (from 2018-04-22). It is a normal
Debian stretch installation. The folder list is ok.
Yes, with main folder I meant the inbox.

Correct display of the inbox (citating some points):
 Aktueller Ordner: INBOX
 Zeige Nachrichten: 1 bis 250 (insgesamt 17674)
 <mails of inbox folder>
Second page is working as well

Incorrect display of one of the then-choosen folder:

 Aktueller Ordner: Spam
 Zeige Nachrichten: 1 bis 136 (insgesamt 17674)
 <mails of inbox folder>

The "1 to xxx" is correct, but not the overall and not the mail list.


SquirrelMail configtest

This script will try to check some aspects of your SquirrelMail
configuration and point you to errors whereever it can find them. You
need to go run in the config/ directory first before you run
this script.

SquirrelMail version:	1.5.2 [SVN]
Config file version:	1.5.0
Config file last modified:	22 April 2018 16:08:16

Checking PHP configuration...
    PHP version 7.0.27-0+deb9u1 OK. (You have: 7.0.27-0+deb9u1. Minimum:
    Running as syscplocal(9999) / syscplocal(9999)
    display_errors: (overridden with 1 for this page only)
    error_reporting: 24575 (overridden with 32767 for this page only)
    variables_order OK: GPCS.
    PHP extensions OK. Dynamic loading is disabled.
    Web server is running as user: syscplocal (9999)
    Web server is running as group: syscplocal (9999)
Checking paths...
    Data dir OK.
    Attachment dir OK.
Checking plugins...
    Plugin versions...
        translate ??
        info ??
        squirrelspell 0.5
        spamcop ??
        filters ??
        calendar ??
        fortune ??
        administrator ??
        New Mail (newmail) CORE
        Bug Report (bug_report) CORE
        sent_subfolders ??
        mail_fetch ??
        listcommands ??
        message_details ??
        sent_confirmation 1.6
        Quick Save (quicksave) 2.4.5
        Avelsieve - Sieve Mail Filters (avelsieve) 1.9.10svn
        Compatibility (compatibility) 2.0.16
Avelsieve plugin details: backend = ManageSieve

    WARNING: I could not determine the capabilities for Sieve Mail
Filtering. Perhaps connectivity with ManageSieve server (if
backend=Managesieve) is bad?
    Plugins OK.
    Themes OK.
    Default language OK.
    Base URL detected as: (location
base autodetected)
Checking outgoing mail service....
    SMTP server OK (220 ESMTP Postfix (Debian/GNU))
Checking IMAP service....
    IMAP server ready (* OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 LITERAL+ SASL-IR
    Capabilities: * CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 LITERAL+ SASL-IR
Checking internationalization (i18n) settings...
     gettext - Gettext functions are available. On some systems you must
have appropriate system locales compiled.
        Test translations. This test is not accurate and might work only
on some systems.
     mbstring - Mbstring functions are available.
     recode - Recode functions are unavailable.
     iconv - Iconv functions are available.
     timezone - Webmail users can change their time zone settings.
Current time zone is CEST.
Checking database functions...
    preferences database connect successful.
    addressbook database connect successful.
    global addressbook database connect successful.
Checking LDAP functions...
    not using LDAP functionality.

No fatal errors were found, but there was at least 1 warning. Please
check the flagged issue(s) carefully, as correcting them may prevent
erratic, undefined, or incorrect behavior (or flat out breakage).

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engaging tech sites,!
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