Re: I can not run the plugin bug report, admin add and more in Squirrelmail version 1.5.2

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On 2018年03月19日 08:41, Anders Boholdt-Petersen wrote:
> Hi again Paul, and thanks for your answer below.
> ---Paul wrote---
> This error indicates a discrepancy between the plugin's setup file and
> the plugin_hooks.php file you generated by using the script.
> I'm not immediately certain how that would happen, but both this plugin
> and the attachment_doc plugin I think were never updated to work with
> version 1.5.2, and there is a chance that this is the reason they are
> not activating correctly.  Even if you could get them to activate
> correctly, there's some chance that they would fail to achieve their
> functionality given the changes in version 1.5.2.
> Unfortunately I am not so good regarding programme in PHP.
> Is it possible for you to create a bug regarding update of the plugin, so they will work with the newest version of SquirrelMail SVN, or can I pay you for that?

Third party plugins are not obligated to work with 1.5.x so it's not a
bug per se. But yes, it is possible for me to work on upgrading them for

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