RE How can I be sure if the Accessibility Preferences in Squirrel mail is activated and do you still develop on this project

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Hi Paul

Thanks for your answers below :-).
Note that there are two SVN versions, 1.4.23 and 1.5.2.  1.4.23 will
have more working plugins available, 1.5.2 has some performance
advantages, though some of those have been back-ported.

1. OK - but is SVN 1.5.2 the latest version, and will there come a new SVN-version in the future?

They should be enabled by default if I recall correctly.  These are
implemented by the use of HTML accesskey attributes on various elements.
 In Firefox, for instance, the key must be pressed with the Shift and
Alt modifier keys.

OK, I will take a look on that.

> I am blind, and using Squirrel mail with a screen reader, so therefore I
> will be glad if you please can answer the question.

I'd be pleased to help make any changes you feel may help make it more
usable for you.  I was unhappy with the keyboard modifier keys that were
needed for using accesskey and for version 1.4.23 I developed a plugin
(not released yet) that foregoes accesskey in favor of shortcuts
implemented in JavaScript.  I presume that's not as desirable for a
screen reader, but maybe a modern screen reader doesn't care, perhaps if
assisted by better labeling?

A screen reader working best if you programme the accessibility directly in the HTML code.

With the latest version of my screen reader, I have a problem when I will activate the check box marking e-mails for deleting, moving etc. When I press on the back space key (this key is associate with my screen reader to marking in check boxes), nothing happend.

I will be glad if you please can take a look in an upcoming update to SquirrelMail about this.

> 2. Do you still develop on the Squirrel mail project, if yes, do you so have
> a plan for an upcoming release?

Yes and sort of.

Unfortunately I am not sure what you means with the answer " Yes and sort of". Do you please can give me another explanation?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and have a nice day.


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