How can I be sure if the Accessibility Preferences in Squirrel mail is activated and do you still develop on this project

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First, related to my question asked on this mailing list on March 9, 2018
regarding 3 errors after a totally new installation of Squirrel mail on my

After I downloaded an SVN-version from xxx, my problem is fixed. If I run
the configuration test now, I see the following information:

Squirrel Mail version: 1.5.2 [SVN)

Config file version: 1.5.0

PHP version 7.0.28 OK. (You have: 7.0.28. Minimum: 4.1.0).


Now to my new questions:

1. When I log in to Squirrel mail with one of my e-mail-addresses, I can go
to Options>Accessibility Preferences.


How can I be sure if all the Accessibility Preferences is enabled?

When I take a look on the configuration site, I can see some combo boxes -
but in the combo boxes, I only can see some letters, e.g. "a", "d" etc.


I am blind, and using Squirrel mail with a screen reader, so therefore I
will be glad if you please can answer the question.


2. Do you still develop on the Squirrel mail project, if yes, do you so have
a plan for an upcoming release?


Thanks in advance for your answer, and have a nice day.




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