Help with image encoding

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Hello! I'm currently writting a Spice client in Typescript that makes use of modern browser features (such as WebGPU, WebUSB, Web workers, etc).

However, I'm struggling with the Image image encoding. I've checked the whole documentation site, but I wasn't able to find how each one of the encoding works. My knowledge in both audio and video encoding is very limited. Specifically:


- LZ (and all its variants)

I've been trying to understand them from the spice-common project, but it's just the implementation without any type of docs :(

Another question I had is if there's another way of comunication or a place where I can shoot questions about the implementation

Also, I'm planning on gifting the client to the spice project, if you would be interested in! (given that you already have a JS project)

Thanks in advance!

Néfix Estrada

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