Re: Multiple monitors at 4K, in virt-manager?

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On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 04:04:27 AM EDT, Julien Rope <jrope@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I still am offered only 2952 x 1781 in the guest. With those settings except 'heads="2"', it is exactly
> the same--that resolution, and only one display, "Virtual-0".
> As mentioned in my original message, when I use the Virtio instead of the QXL device, I do get 4K,
> though again choosing 'heads="2"' doesn't give me an additional display in the guest. (Curiously
> the one display I get is "Virtual-1" rather than "Virtual-0".) With this device there's no option for
> changing the video memory in the XML.

The numbering (Virtual-0 vs Virtual-1) is expected - this is not an issue.

Do you actually get the choice of additional displays in virt-viewer (not in the guest) ?
Under the top menu "View -> Displays" you should have a list of available displays. Do you see them ? Are they enabled or grayed out ?

Ah, that is some kind of progress!

This is not visible in the integrated viewer in virt-manager, but when I launch virt-viewer on its
own, yes, I do get the option of two displays. And enabling them both does allow me to launch
a second display.

I cannot then launch the display settings in the guest, however; it segfaults right away. I'll look into 
that. But xrandr does report two displays; the second one is 2135 x 1647, though. Not clear why I
still don't get a 4K option with QXL.

If I try this with the virtio device (instead of QXL) with two heads, it's similar: a separate virt-viewer 
instance allows me to launch two displays; in this case xrandr reports 4K displays. But as before, 
the display settings manager segfaults right away.

Exploring further.


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