Multiple monitors at 4K, in virt-manager?

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I hope it's OK to ask a basic question on the -devel list, but this is what was listed in the Support section....

I'm using virt-manger, and its related suite of stuff, to run KVM/QEMU VM's on a Debian Bullseye host, which has two 4K monitors. I am unable to get dual-head working at all, and I can't get 4K resolution working in the way I'm apparently supposed to.

I have a Debian Bullseye guest, with spice-vdagent and the QXL video drivers installed in it. The Spice user manual suggests that multiple-monitor support is easy; you're supposed to use a Video QXL device and then everything should just work. But it doesn't. Even when I increase the video memory in the XML file (vgamem, I assume) to 64MB I am unable to get 4K on even a single monitor using Settings -> Display on the guest; it maxes out at some arbitrary-seeming thing a bit over 1980 x 1200. And regardless of resolution, I also do not have a second monitor available in the guest.

If I have a video device set to Virtio, then 4K works perfectly on the guest machine; if I go to Settings -> Display there, I can select 4096 x 2160, and I get lovely 4K video. However, dual-head does not work. If I try to edit the XML for the video device to 'heads="2"', there is no effect--at least, when I restart the guest and go to Settings -> Display, there isn't an option for selecting another monitor.

Could someone tell me what I'm supposed to be doing?  Thank you.

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