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Hello, for our project Citizen"s Island I want to provide a "remote desktop" from a mobile phone with aSpice to a linux server.

On the remote desktop there should be a browser (Brave?), and a place to store data.

The "place to store data" will be exchanged later by pointers to decentralized data repositories.

Question 1    Is it ok to start with Ubuntu, (link)

Question 2    what is the smallest os I can use (ubuntu light?)

Question 3    I have to connect 3000 users to their personal virtual desktop, any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!

Thinsia Research

Roland Sassen

Eeserstr. 14

9531 CM Borger

tel.: 0599 820288

m: 06 40223112

email sassen@xxxxxxxxxxx

Virusvrij. www.avg.com
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